hard money loan

I have come across a property that’s appraised for 6.5 million. I can buy the property for only five million. There are 156 units and the net cash flow
at the end of a year would be close to $200,000 profit. My problem is that
my money is tied up and I have nothing to put down . The property has
immediate cash flow. I would hate to miss out on this. I’m willing to pay
a high interest rate and points. I jdon’t want to lose this property.
My FICA is in the 600’s and I have a great job. The apartments are
already being managed and are operating efficiently. This is a one of a kind
deal. I’d appreciate advice on who to contact for a loan. I’m willing to use
hard lenders or private investors; but I don’t know the best one to use.
Thank you.


                 I'd like to see a follow up on this. Find a lender?


What happened with the deal…
How much do you need for down-payment…
Send me more details…

Kishore Patsamatla M.D