Hard Money loan needed

I am a mortgage broker is Salt Lake City but I have no hard money contacts. My sister has $5000 down on a new construction in AZ, since putting the money down they have run into financial trouble and have had to do a ch 7 BK which was just discharged last month. We just need to get her the financing to close the deal when the property is finished and then she can turn around and close on selling it withing 30-60 days and still make her profit in the difference between appriased value and what she bought it for and not lose her $5k. LTV would be about 60-70% of appraised value and I am willing to sign on it with her if need be. Please send me a private message if you have the name & contact info for someone who might be able to help us.

Have you tried this link?


Thanks, I think that link is exactly what I needed!

Good Luck!