Hard Money Lending

I have a considerable amount of money available which I would like to lend to real estate investors but before doing so, I would like to find resources that would help me to become more well informed on the topic, its practices and procedures. Does anyone out there know of any good seminars, books, E-books, chat rooms, etc? THANKS!

I’m looking for a hard money lender or private money partner to lend solely based on the ARV of the property. My household income is 90k plus, so I can document that much…but looking for lending based on the fact that I’m buying the property at a discount…

I am looking to someone to fund some of my projects. I am in Springfield, MO and have been in real estate for more than 20 years! I only invest in “nice properties” with little rehab needed. Too many hidden problems. Most of our poperties are sold with 90 days, as we have an ongoing buyers list. I will be more than happy to share our background. Sheri McBride/ McBride Properties

I’m looking for hard money lenders. Where should I start. Thanks
Jeff Zook

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