Hard Money Lenders

Im looking for hard money lender that would finance 100% is this possible. Any suggestions?

Not going to happen unless you find a private investor who loves risk. HML’s expect you to have some kind of skin in the game.

Where are you located? If in the northeast let me know.

I’m in the Midwest Indiana-Chicagoland area

I am also looking for 100% HML to purchase REOs & SSs from $30k to $120K & from 40 to 60 LTV, little to no work/rehab involved. I am located in Gainesville, GA about 1.5hrs NE from Atlanta.
Thank you.

i’m in the northeast. I have a possible deal. The owner has a 4 unit commercial with no vacancies. He’s willing to hold a note for 50% of the asking. I need financing for the other 50%. I’m looking to fix it up and keep it long term. Looking for cash flow.

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