Hard Money Lenders?

Where do I find hard money lenders and what are the Terms they most often want?

Anyone with Experience or Advice on this? ???


Where are you located? I know that up here in ND it has been very difficult because #1 the distance and # I have not been asking for enough money. If you are in a Metropolitian area you should be in good standing. I placed an add in two major newspapers in the State and I have gotten limited responses. The add will be back in later this week. An ad was also placed in the REI classifieds and I have received a few calls on those. People have different goals and the people that called were looking for long term investments like apartments.

There are a number of Hard Money lenders that have adds for Investor Network ads and there are several in the Real Estate classifieds. I have tentative approval from several lenders pending the appraisal. The rates are a little bit higher than I would like but we are moving forward.


Philadelphia area… :slight_smile:

Since you are in a good area I would put an add in the largest newspaper in the metropolitian area. “Investors wanted good return available and secured by realestate, call xxxxxxxx for details”. This is a simplified example, richmortgage broker had a better example on one of her posts. Keep in mind some of those investors will have a different idea of investments.

I want to develop the relationship with a good HML where I can buy properties with a line of credit. This will take time. There was one site that was selling a package on how to develop the HML in your area for about $195, but I have not researched that yet. We have been fighting and never giving up on financing for several months and things are finally starting to happen.

Best of Luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks again… :wink: