Hard Money Lenders Needed for a deal in NYC at 65 Cents on the dollar

I have an accepted offer on a deal in the Far Rockaway area and I need a hard money lender to work with. It is a great deal at 64 cents on the dollar. If anyone knows of someone I can work with please let me know. If this deal is not closed within the next 3 weeks, this house will go into foreclosure.

Any help will be appreciated!

Thank you,

More info! Please!

The loan is for a 3 family (3/3/2) house built in 2004 in the Far Rockaway area. It’s still tax abated. It is valued at 715K and I have an accepted offer at 468K.

I am in NYC also, I’ll look and see.

I found 4 hard money lenders in NYC. www.Attainfunding.com, blazevicfunding.com, brookview.com(first mortages only), clarityrealestate.com ( no credit reg,no income, investors only). hope that helps. :cool

Thanks a bunch… This is really helpful.