hard money lender

I have a big problem i had a lot of health problem so my credit is looking bad but i not to find a lander who will finances this deal i need to close in 30days with no out of pocket money.

Have you tried some of the resources of this site?



What are the details of the deal.

Where are you located?
Current Financing?
How much is owed?
Payments are current?

I hope this helps you and some others as I do not finance, but know these questions may help you get your answer.


The deal is in baltimore city 9 bedroom 4 bath. for 87 rehab about 80 arv 300 need to get finaning remember I am my credit is bad but I’m incorparated. and WHERE CAN I FIND INFORMATION ON USING OTHER PEOPLE CREDIT.

Where is the property located?


Yes in Baltimore Md . But i need to really need to no about using other people credit.