hard money lender

Where would I find a good Hard Money Lender?

Just like traditional lenders, HML are becoming more strict on their requirements. There is a link to the left, call all of them. Google HML and call as many as you can. rei meetings can be helpful. You’ll learn a lot just by talking to them. There are brokers that can get loans approved through a HML that you may not be able to get approved by going directly to the HML. With todays lenders, I would go to a broker. Unless you have good credit, good income, and a great deal.

Investment Loans and EZLoanz are examples on this site.

There are a few folks that participate on this forum that can assist you (present company included).


Scott Miller

thanks for the replies…

can someone give me a little bit more in depth comparison as to the pros and cons of hml versus traditional?

What is it your trying to accomplish? Give us some details to work with…