Hard money lender profit distribution

Hello Pro

I’ve hard money lender who is willing to lend me some money for the deal. His term is that he will purchase rental property that we both see as a good deal but I’ll have to rent that property from him turn it around and manage it. The property will be under my name. To that he ask me to pay a secure interest of 6% per year and what ever need to be done with the property he will not pay at all I’ll have to pay all property tax, and insurance etc. To this if we were to sale for profit he will take that profit 100%. To me I’d love to have portion in the profit if I can turn it around and sale for the quick profit in short time in state of holding it and keep collect rent which make slower profit and more work. My question is that how many percent is norm for profit sharing ? He is coming in all cash. I don’t bring cash into the deal at all but if I’ve to turn it around that will come out from my pocket. Do you think if I offer him rent to own will he entertain ? and at what condition. If not what do you think will be fair to both me and him. Please advice

Thx a lot