Hard money lender needed

Any one know of any good Hard Money Lenders or Private Lenders out there that do not care about your credit? I know there out there and I have checked thru the Hard Money Lenders on this site already, I need a lender that only cares about the equity in the home. Any help woulf be very helpfull, Thanks in advance


Their are plenty that do not care about your credit score, just the equity. Where are you located? What is the value of your home? What is the balance? How fast do you need the money?

These are all key questions.

Are you seeking ARV or LTV based lending?


Scott Miller

:cool have you found your money yet ?? WHAT state are you in ??? HOW much are you looking for ??

Avoid any financial institution with an @yahoo.com email address…

Im looking for a Hard Money Lender as well. I’m located in Louisiana. Please shoot me an e-mail if you may be able to assist me.



I have just started in RE, I would like to have Private Lenders handy from CA. I am not finding any rehab but lot of highend houses are there thro’ RE Agents. I spent more than 6 months on pre-foreclosures but not successful. I am from San Jose CA. Any thoughts reg Private lenders?? Thank you.

I also need a hard money lender, my credit is terrible and i have no start up money ,I am employed and can provide for my daily needs, I have three properties under contract, i just want to assign them to an investor or do a joint venture on one.I need some assistance real soon.This is my first venture and would really like to earn some cash now until my next venture.