Hard Money Lender in UTAH needed

I found your blog and website very insightful.

I want to know where to look for a private investor/hard money lender or a mortgage for bad credit.

My wife and I cant seem to get ahead and a hold on our credit.

We live in a beautiful home in which we recently remodeled. We have a lease option on it and want to exercise the lease option but 3 lenders have denied us getting a mortgage.

I want to know if you and or your associates know where we can get a deal done to secure our home. It is worth $400K, we have $15K to put down and the Purchase Price is $285K, so we would need a loan for $270K. This seems like a great deal?

Well a little bit about us, we have never missed a payment in 4 years of doing business w/our current investor(4 years) and we just want to either renegotiate a new lease w/him or start a whole new lease with someone else. We currently make $2,600.00 payments to him.

Please is there anything you and/or your associates could do or recommend?