Hard Money in Phoenix, AZ

We are looking for hard money lenders in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Any suggestions on the best way to go about finding one? I haven’t had much luck with them contacting me back, and most referrals are out of state.

Thanks for reading!

Welcome to the forum!

Are you looking for a short term rehab loan based upon the future value which covers purchase, fix up, costs, and sometimes payments?

There are several sources for AZ. Will pm you so we can discuss off forum.

Thanks, I saw your PM prior to seeing this response. If you can answer that first I would appreciate it.

Forum Members:

I am relatively new to this forum although I have been reading for a few months.

I received several PM’s with kind of sketchy information in them, wanting me to contact them first, but providing nothing personal (name, company, etc) about them or the lender they work for.

Suggestions as to how to approach these, and find a reputable HML would be appreciated.

Thanks much! :smile

Sometimes you can get a good idea of who you’re communicating with by reading past posts. It may take you awhile for those that have, let’s say 763, but this should be a start.

Those that have been around for awhile with lots of posts are here here mainly to educate as well as learn. Obviously there are some benefits to this but stamina and commitment to the board can be an indicator of trusted sources.

Due dillegence is an important step in determining if you can be helped. No one wants to waste your time and send you on wild goose chases.

There are several regulars on this forum that are in the position to assist you—rehab financing in AZ ranges from 65-80 ARV depending on a number factors unknown…

You’ll find the forum to be a melting pot of learning & earning, teaching & preaching, telling & selling, sharing & caring—the one common thread that brings us all together is that we all just want to make some money (and some of us want to sell it too—as the number of PM’s you rec’d will attest) using real estate as the vehicle.

Welcome to the forum and I won’t contribute to your PMS (personal message syndrome)—you are amoung good company!


Scott Miller


Scott Miller