hard money in Chicago or nationwide

I am looking for a hard money lender. The lender must not care about credit and I dont want to use any of my own cash.

I would like a lender with flexible terms of at least 12 to 15 months grace, no early payment penalty, 100% financing for purchase and rehab on properties purchased at least 30% below their market value that do not require too much rehab work.

Are there any places like this? I am having a hard time finding one online. I am ready to get out and start finding some profitable gems out there that I can invest in. I am planning on doing some very active property hunting from June 10 to June 16th.

Thanks a bunch

I am sorry but I had to laugh out loud when I read your post.

“Lender must not care about credit. You don’t use your own cash. You want 100% financing. Not too much rehab work. 6 days of property hunting.”

You are asking someone to take a huge risk with their money while you risk nothing.

It’s nice to dream, but you have got to back that up with some hard work and thrift.

  1. Read all the advice to new investors in these posts.
  2. Learn how to clean up your credit.
  3. Save 10% of your paycheck every week. Put it in the bank.
  4. Keep studying and saving. Post again and give us an update.

Someone just wrote that Real Estate is not a race, it is a marathon.
Good luck to you in your endeavors.


I would agree with some of the above points. REI is not some get rich quick scheme that the guru’s love to sell people on. This is a business where success is based upon hard work, intelligence and dedication.

THere are some things you can do, but Credit will count.

Here in Illinois for example, after 60-90 days or so, a lender then can file a notice of default, from there it might take another 8-10 months to actually foreclose and get the property.

So, as a lender, why would I want to lend someone money that has nothing on the line at all, no credit, no cash, etc. When it might take me over a year to get the property, and my money was wasting away all that time. HML has changed as has the market. I suggest that if your credit is not perfect, work with some people to improve it, in the meantime, partner with other investors, birddog or wholesale until you can build capital and improve your scores.

Hope that helps!