Hard Money - How long do you have to wait to refinance?

I was trying to find some information regarding refinancing hard money loans. A lot of the older posts on the board were from a while ago , so probably outdated.

If one has a hard money loan and wants to refinance or convert it to a fixed rate at a lower interest rate how long do you have to wait? Can it be done almost immediately? How hard is it to do this today?

Also if you have a property with a hard money loan , do you have to wait to sell it to someone else? I heard for FHA you have to be on title for 3 months. Is this just for FHA loans?

If you can qualify for a conventional refinance then there is no sesaoning period for a rate/term refi.

If you want local bank/commercial/business/portfolio financing then there is typically no seasoning period for those either.

If you are selling your property to a FHA buyer there is a 90 day seasoning period. If you are selling to a conventional buyer there is no seasoning period.

Keep in mind that some lenders have internal guidelines that supercede the above info.