hard money financing in new hampshire

I have a 7.76 acre lot with building permit and septic design in hand, looking to put spec house on Aprrox cost of house (retail) 375,000 - 400,000. Looking for aprrox 250,000 to $265,000 and this would include cost of land as security. Note: the town has a permit restriction and none are abvailable until 2007 and that’s drying up. My permit is good until 6/15/2006 - I need to start a foundation prior to this date to keep permit valid.

what town in nh? …

loudon, nh

can you get a constrution loan? …


As long as you are willing to prove your income and have some experience, there are lenders that will provide the funds you need.

Looking for hard money with land/house as collateral. Income is based on building and selling of house

Still looking for offers. Property with house will be min. $375,000 to $395,000. Willing to meet the 60-70% LTV with good interest.

I may have a couple of options for you. I’m located in NH/exeter

National City has a good investor construction program. They will lend on appraisaed value instead of aquisition cost.