Hard Money Broker

What is the best way to find people who want money from lenders to become their middleman as a hard money broker?

Its a large waste of time to be a broker for a hard money lender… Unless you are well versed on the structuring of deals, a lot of wood comes your way…Its important if you know the person seeking funding, otherwise its a waste of time for u to present the deal…You present wood too often and HML’s will not take you seriously…Networking with other HM brokers is a good place to start…Try Craigslist to start but there are many forums…You can also look on pitbullmortgage site and see how that goes…

Only works if you have a good relationship with a lender that you have built trust with that lends you money. If you also know of other investors looking for money (a ton) then you can broker your lenders money to them (wrap the lenders loan). You can choose to share what you are doing with them or not. Either way, you’re on the line for the loan.

You might want to start by getting licensed through NMLS the nationwide mortgage licensing system.

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Sounds to me like you really want to be a loan officer. Check out all mortgage companies that are looking for loan officers.