Hard Equity Financing SCAM

Unfortunately I did not review the multiple websites containing complaints about this company before they stole my money as well.

I am a seasoned real estate flipper and a licensed real estate agent. I knew the comps and value before I put an offer on the house. David and his buddies at Hard Equity Financing took my money and 3 weeks later told me the value wasn’t there.

Keep in mind, this was after they fell of the face of the earth for three weeks with no communication. I tried to get a response via phone and email, but nothing. Then, when they did send me the denial email I couldn’t get a hold of anyone. I haven’t heard from anyone since I gave them my upfront money for the application fee. I have only received a denial email, with no response to my emails or phone calls pertaining to that denial email.

This is the exact same thing that everyone posted all over the internet about them. I just had an appraisal completed by the original hard money lender I was going to use and it came back at the value I indicated.

No return communication from David and his fellow crooks.


I am going to lose my softer gentler Gold River reputation with this one. I feel your pain! My heart goes out to you!

Please private mail me or post to this forum if you ever again have a moment of weakness and think you want to do this again.

I really want to get the “Fun Timez” started again!

Please promise me you will never ever again pay an application fee for any mortgage loan? Pinky swear!

Warm fuzzies to you.


I’m glad you are sharing but is there a way we can go after these bums?

Oh, man.

So, what have you learned from this? How can you avoid having this happen to you - or anyone else - again?..