Happy Thanksgiving

I joined this site back in August of 2005.

At the time…knew pretty much nothing 'bout REI.

Back then…there was a much more robust influx of members…go figure! REI was marching along nicely for whomever wanted to join the gang.

Me? I lived in a depressed rustbelt area and have recently relocated to a much more progressive area. Still working on a plan…but it’s getting pretty close to executing.

Just wanted to say thanks to some members out there that have helped give some great advise. Every month or so I grow to appreciate another member’s advise that I had previously (discounted). See…I can’t even finish a sentence without some kind of REI connotation.


Happy Thanksgiving to all!! :biggrin

Happy Turkey day to you too. It sounds like you have been getting ready to get ready for some time. Take the plunge the water is fine. We have the best investor market in 20 years just beginning. Have fun and have a happy holiday.

You can’t say “rust belt” – it’s a “disparaging remark”!


LOL - have a great holiday, Mike and all!


Please pass the koolaid!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Pass the mashed taters!!

Happy and safe Thanksgiving to all.

Early Real Estate Investors:


^^ LOL funny comic


HAPPY TURKEY DAY!! I am going to eat 14 lbs of turkey today. GO COWBOYS!!

Happy holidays to all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone. I know I Thankfull for all the advise and support we find on these boards. :biggrin