Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, and may we All be successful in the year to come, and set our goals higher than before!! Strive for more than we did last year, and learn new ways to do the things we already know.

Happy New Year Everyone,
Heather Zaal

That is beautiful. I just did my 300th post and loved doing everyone of them. I liked his site when it was Austin Real estate Club and really liked it when it was Texas Real Estate Club and wow NOW it is going to be super super super. I have set some really high goals for the next two years. To pay off my house before I reach 50 by 5/14/05. This site and TCI have helped me become positive again and to allow me to know that i can do it. I lost touch with goals after building me house and have been getting by for the last few years. That you Heather for this goal setting post and lets help each other achieve what we want. I already have a great family with 5 children and a wonderful wife for 27 years now. I was not Thankful enough on Thanksgiving but the trouble my friend is having with his heart has helped me be a whole lot mor thankful. He is doing a great deal better but still needs a used heart.

Happy Holidays and Thank you,
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