Happy Holidays to All

I just wanted to wish all a happy holiday season and to express my heartfelt appreciation for the numerous contributions each of you have made during the year. Without you, here sits a lonely web page. Your energy, time, and willingness to share has turned this site into the best resource site on the web for creative investors. Thank you very much for all you do!

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I should be thanking you. This website is awesome. I can’t believe it’s free. It is free right? LOL…

Howdy Yall:

Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you. I too want to thank all the posters out there. This is a free website. I have enjoyed helping a lot of newbies with their questions. I am no guru or expert my any means. Some of you have read some of my posts and know I have been bankrupt in the past. It is this website that has given my the courage and the knowingness that I can start over again and make it big. I just closed on my 31 unit property in Killeen that I bought for $154,000 using hard money from Streamline Funding and a second mortgage from friends I met thru this website also. I am on my way to the big time thanks to Streamline that sees my desire and talent and believes in me. But this website I truly want to thank. All the time i spend helping others has come back to me in more ways than deals and money. It makes me smile when I actually know the answer to a question or can share some of my experience and help others make decisions. I am not a knowitall and I hope it shows. I do not help to win prizes even thoug Tim did give me a Tshirt. I only help to help. It has been a great year but next year is going to be spectacular and I hope I can write even a better success story. I hope too that I have motivated even one person to get into real estate and make some deals even just one part time deal. There are a lot of if only and what ifs in RE investing. I keep thinking about Bellaire near Houston. If only I had bought some rent houses there when I lived there in 1977. Just 4 houses would have made me a millionaire today. It can be that easy to make it. I just hope some of my experience will inspire you do do a deal or another deal or buy 31 units.

Happy New Year to all and keep asking questions. I love to help and will continue to do so until I am told to shut up and go away.