HAPPY 2012 - What are your goals and plans?

Happy New Year everyone! What are your goals, plans?

Shoot, I’ll be the first. And Happy New Year to you! :beer

My goal this year is to purchase three single family 3/2 rental homes in a zip code that I have targeted within my farm.

So far I have purchased homes only through the REO and Short Sale Process, I want a little more exposure to seller financing, direct marketing, etc.

Goal is:

Home # 1 - Purchase through direct marketing to a motivated seller.
Home # 2 - Purchase via a Land Contract from an investor at the REI club I attend (or from anyone else with a good L/C deal for that matter).
Home # 3 - Purchase off the MLS and financed through a banking institution in my area.

That and keep my day job for the time being, I’ll be a happy camper!

nice!! Best of Success !! :beer

I’ll go next:

my objectives for this year are to complete at least 2 deals and fix up and rent out our cabin for the extra income.

My business goals are to keep buying properties for C-A-$-H, keep expanding my small businesses … and ultimately continue to make more $$$$$$. Nice & easy

i would like to explore further foreclosure property. because as my experience gone deep in this field, i would like to haunt some better deal in 2012!