Does anybody know an handyman in the Jersey shore ( keansburg, hazlet, middletown … ) ?

I have had good luck posting in local real estate facebook groups for handymen and other trades…try that.

Also, you could posts hiring Ads in Craigslist.

Finding a solid handyman can definitely be tough. Along with the posts above me, I would also try going to local REI meetups and networking there. You can sometimes find contractors there that can help, or refer you to someone. Also if you network with house flippers they sometimes will be willing to refer someone to you! Good Luck!

finding a handyman - isnt this everyones woes

Honestly I feel like finding a handy man is the hardest trade to find.

Local REIA’s are a good place. Try and get referrals from other investors. It can be hard though as lots of investors don’t want their handyman getting too busy.