Handyman or General Contractor?

Has anyone used a handyman before to complete repairs? Can they remodel bathrooms, lay tile, wood work and stuff like that?

Some can and some can’t. I would get references that have had him do the kind of work you are looking for. Make sure the references are for the same work. Just because he can lay carpet doesn’t mean he can change out a toilet.

I use a crew of handymen to do a lot of rehabs. Anything that involves extensive plumbing, electrical, HVAC, structural, or roofing I use licensed contractors. Obviously their not specialist in anything which is why in assmebling a team it’s important to have members who compliment eachothers skills. (I don’t mean saying “good-job”)

Thanks for the replies!

It also depends on the size of the job. It would be hard to get a contractor to give you a bid on installing a toilet. LOL. AND, you would not want a single handyman doing a complete overhaul. A good handyman and contractor and is worth their weight in gold, but you still have to do your part. No matter who you hire to do the work, have a written contract letting them know what is expected, deadlines, pay phases, etc. Never pay everything up front, pay in phases and demand a walk through before the last payment. Their idea of finished may not be the same as yours, if you do not do that you will be going behind them touching up paint, hanging light fixtures, laying quarter round, etc. Also get at least 3 bids on a job. It is even better if you are able to generate a cost on your own and get someone to do the work for that price. This keeps people from underbidding, which sounds like a good thing, but is not. That is when they feel cheated and will leave in the middle of a job, leaving you in a pickle. There is a lot to learn and that is why most people do the work theirselves. There is always risk envolved in rehabbing, but the more you educate yourself the less risk. Good Luck and sorry for the long response, just sharing my own experiences.



Thanks for the reply, that was very helpful.