handyman add in paper

i recently ran an add in the paper for new buyers and for some reason i diidnt get any calls only like 5calls ,and they were other wholesalers!. last year i ran the same add in the same paper and got over 100 calls in 4days. SHOULD I RUN IT AGAIN IN THE TRIBUNE,OR SUNTIMES, which one is more better now a days ANYBODY!!?

I typically will take my avg profit on a deal and divide it by the price of the ad. that will give me the number of weeks that the ad can run until I would break even for one deal. Find the highest yield using that equation vs. possibilty of producing a deal and go with that paper

If you would like to sell it faster, try online.

If you can turn a profit by selling it to other investors, then it makes sense to go ahead and do so. In fact, since a lot of amateur investors have now joined the ranks, wholesaling to them is a great way to create a new nitch.

Mywholesaledeals.com has a turnaround of 3-4 days of contracting any advertised deals, on average, and it costs nothing to advertise there. You just have to make sure it’s available in your area. I have no affiliation with mywholesaledeals, whatsoever, so this plugin is just plain advice. :wink:

To the person who suggested Mywholesaledeals.com, this not a advertising website. It is a store website that sells video games electonics and etc.

Could it be that there are just fewer buyers in this market, and that’s why the ad did not work?