Handwritting Fonts for Marketing

Hey can anyone recommend an exact handwriting font that will look actually real and that i can purchase online that would be sufficient for me to use with sending personalized yellow letters?

Dont use it… They look fake… Besides handwritten letters are easy… Youre only making the original… I have an automated system for all of my direct mail… It is so friggin easy…

Michael Quarles

Thanks Michael, Your right, i need to find me some stay at home moms!

Agreed, I have never seen a font that looks real enough to pass off as something handwritten. All the letters just seem to be too perfectly in-sync with one another. Plus the way they are printed on paper doesn’t really make it look handwritten either.

There are a couple of posts regarding paying stay-at-home moms for this sort of thing. I can’t recall where they are off the top of my head, but I would recommend doing a quick search in this forum for them. They talk about how much to pay them and what to look for… might help you out.

I use the COURIER font, it’s working for me :cool

Do not use handwriting fonts. They not just look fake - as Michael so rightly suggested - they look unprofessional. It looks like the thing was printed by a 12-year-old school girl, you could jsut as well draw flowers on it in crayon.

Bad. Bad. Bad.

personally i found several pretty good looking ones by simply googling free handwriting fonts… there were a slew of choices…

at some point in the letter people will realize the letter isn’t really handwritten but by that time they will have read the offer and will either call you or throw it away… the whole purpose is to grab their attention long enough to get your message read… once they are reading the strength in your offer coupled with where they are in life will determine your response so i would suggest giving it a try as long as you are going to do at least 2 mailings to the list and that you have a qualified list…

I had a kid in school one time make my FONT. He downloaded this sheet and I filled it out and Low and behold I had my font. You know what? I hated it. I like Courier and I also have my font for my greeting cards. Now its my own writing but it is still computer generated. Here is a look at it.



You know there is a site that you can create your own handwriting font. I think they charge about $40-$50 for the it. Yeah, I know, however it’s your handwriting,unlimited uses & it’s better than getting hand cramps! :crying
I didn’t wanna post the site because the rules, if you need it you can PM me.

Me again. Hey, I just went to check out that site & found another that does your handwriting font as well. This one is only $9!!! Gotta love Google!

I use the following kinds of fonts for different purposes:

Letters to pre-foreclosures: Get someone to hand-address them because there are so few of them and because each recipient is such a good prospect.

Postcards of any kind: Print the addresses

Letters in larger volumes (500+): I use a handwriting font for these that my printer suggested. If you’re mailing to absentee owners or out of state owners, there are so many of them that you might as well print a font. I have done it and it fools most people. Those it doesn’t fool are still impressed that you figured out how to print a handwriting font.