Handwritten Envelopes....Yes/No???

I’m getting ready to do a “Mary Letter” mailer.

Should I hand write the envelopes too???

Nope - You should have someone else do them for you… Sorry I couldn’t resist.

Yes hand written always out performs labels.

Use an invitation ivory envelope.

Also use a label for the return.

And save a ton on postage by using a wet bulk stamp. The cost of a wet bulk is between .213 to .273 compared to 44 cents…

HA HA, Michael. Good one.

What is a “wet bulk stamp”?

Thanks for your help by the way, I’ve read a lot of your posts.

First class mail is now 44 cents per stamp. If you use a “Bulk Rate” permit the cost per piece is reduced to .213 for zips within your bulk rate post office and .273 for outside that office area.

BTW the cost of a permit is roughly 150 per year plus 200 per mail location. verify that it hasn’t changed.

three methods for signifying that you have a bulk rate permit. 1) imprinted insignia (YUCK) 20 Pitney Bowes (Yuckier) 3) wet bulk rate stamp which is a very nice USA flag.

The stamps come in roles or 500 or 3000. Always buy roles of 3000, they are self adhesive where as the 500 roles you have to lick… Doesn’t taste like candy at all. :frowning:

I have tried all kinds of methods to try and produce these letters faster and less expensive and the bottom line is they need to look like it is mail coming from a friend or relative. The idea is to get the envelope opened.

What is a “Mary Letter”?

I always hand address my letters. I also hand write my postacards - message and addresss.