Handler Location in Newer homes?

In older homes the handler is usually found in a hallway behind a wood panel. Where is the handler usually found in newer homes? The attic?

Building techniques are specific to location. Houses in the south are differnt than house in the north, and houses in the east are different from house in the west. Where are you?

Thanks for your response, I am in Dallas Texas

Our downstairs unit is in the main hallway behind cabinet style doors. The upstairs unit is in the attic.

By handler - you mean air handler I assume. =) It varies, even with new homes. I have seen lots of newer homes with it in the attic and lots of newer homes with it in an access closet downstairs / on the lower floor. I would say if its a larger home and it has just one standard A/C system (many larger homes have two or more A/C systems) - more than likely the A/C handler will be located in the attic due to space restrictions. But otherwise? There is probably a 75% chance it’ll be in the attic, and a 25% chance it’ll be in an access closet - in a newer home.

P.S. I am in Dallas too.