Hand written post card system

I purchased this Post Card system that uses a hand writing font that you can crank out on your printer.
The originator is a guy from Florida that’s been flipping houses and using direct mail for 10 years.
It’s so cool, he shows how to import the addresses and names from your excel lists using MS Word and mail merge, it sounds complicated but I got it figured out, (I had to go thru the lessons a few times)
But you just hit print and it will crank out as little or as many as you want.
Just his tip on getting cheap blank post cards alone has saved me a ton of money, I was buying the perforated ones and they are expensive and look like crapola. Now I Buy 90 Lb card stock for 6 buks a ream on Amazon and then I have my office store cut them in quarters for a few buks.
He also tells where to get the best lists and how to boil them down to get the best motivated sellers.
I’m really excited, I’ve been spending a fortune hiring girls to write my cards, they are unreliable, inconsistent, and sometimes disappear with my supplies and I never hear from them again.
One girl emailed me to say she couldn’t do them for 20 cents each anymore and now wanted 50 cents each. If I hustle I can do 25 an hour, at 20 cents each that’s only $5 an hour, haha, maybe you can see why it’s difficult to get reliable help.
I’m gearing up to send out thousands to absentee owners.
Another one of his tips is to send postcards to owners that got their house thru a quit claim deed.
Instant Message me and I’ll give you the contact info to purchase this course, it’s 97 buks I think. And no I’m not making anything, just offering a great alternative to handwriting these yourself.
Let’s make some money…