Half Moon Bay

What are your opinions on investing in Half Moon Bay, California? Does anyone know about future developments? Thanks!!! ;D

It’s in California…'nuff said for me!


Meaning, the market is a bust there, or Half Moon Bay has potential?

Meaning that I’m not a fan of California and all of their associated issues (water, loonines, electricity, loonies, taxes, loonies…).

Did I mention loonies?

But that’s just me…I prefer to be where things are a bit more sane and ‘real’.


Prices will be very high.

What is your plan? Buy and rent? If so, you’re going to need to put down a huge percentage to make it cash flow. Personally I don’t think the Bay Area is the best place to invest, and I live here! It’s just too hard to make the numbers work from an investor’s point of view.

Did I mention the “loonies”??



yeah you made it quite clear about the loonies…By the way what state are you from?

Archer, it’s obviously a highly speculative market in the Bay Area! However in Half Moon Bay, they just started to widen the 92 and are close to releasing Wave Crest village which has been upheld in court for the past two years. It’s a 2000 plus luxury home community. Plus, Princeton Harbor has released 20 new retail shops, a new hotel, and condos. I’m watching this place grow before my eyes here. It’s difficult to sit back and do nothing. I dont see alot of investors around here, so i guess i’ve struck a gold mine or a coal mine…time will tell.
My plan would invove either buying a piece of raw land off highway 1 building a house, and renting, or looking into preforeclosures as they begin to pop up on the market. I’ve sent several letters out yesterday to prospective sellers. In regards to money down, i plan on working with a hard money broker. I just tied up alot of money in an “as is” sale in Feb. The house is in Half Moon Bay, and is valued $100,000 +++ after rehabbing it.
Half Moon Bay is growing…does anyone else have any input negative or positive??? Not interested in hearing about loonies…thanks!

What does my profile say?

keith, I’ve been to the western slope of co. quite a bit. from texans point of view lots of loonie tree huggers in co. to. LOL

Are u selling your property in Half Moon Bay?

To quote my boy, Eric Cartman, “GD hippies!”…it is refreshing, though, to go out at night and seeing guys turning in their pistols at the door!


Im from calif and Im not far Half Moon Bay. Im only 20mins away… If I were u KEEP THIS PROPERTY! DONT sell it… The value is High!! Half Moon Bay is a beauiful place! We love going there. Its very expensive to buy a home… U are so Lucky!!