Is it me or has anyone else noticed a trend with all the GURU speakers. It seems ot me that the GURU’s are making their money “bread and butter” in the northern, low holding cost.low purchase price,lowresale states,IE; Ohio, Mass, Upstate NY, and then reinvesting that money in the South and West.

I thought the GURUS were making their money selling expensive courses and bootcamps to newbies.


hey someone’s got to do it!

I think they talk about making the money, not sure if anyone is actually making any money. Also I don’t think Mass belongs on that list, if anyone is making money it must be in Western Mass because not too many people are making money in Eastern Mass unless they bought 3-4 years ago and then they’re still only making single digits in appreciation after the drop we’ve had lately.

Yes Mike you are right .The Highest paid profession in the world is public speaking.Which includes selling a binder full of repetitive stuff that needs altered for your area, for a small fee of $3000.Yes I was refering to western Mass.

I think that these guys have to either sell courses or invest in real estate. I don’t know any that are doing both. They tell you they did it at some time and have some property now as a passive investment, but they are not in the business actively now. I think what propertymanager is doing is probably the most that you can do and do real estate at the same time.

I’m sure many of these “gurus” never even bought ONE house. They probably read books from 10 other “gurus”, twisted the grammer some, and published the material as their own.

the problem with alot of them is that they publish all these materials without touching on the human condition.

most people are not fully prepared for the world of business.

that’s what rei is.

investors and business people who are successful are not into wasting their time in anyway.

you’ve got to have a tough skin in business. if you don’t, you’re dead meat. you’ve got to be able to handle the EGO’S of people.

alot of successful biz people have TREMENDOUS EGOS. they’re humble…to a point. but the bottom line is - can you get the job done.

can you close the deal?

can you do this or that without ANY excuses whatsoever?

guru’s don’t talk about this stuff. they talk about you, jo schmo, going out there and buying a SFH rental and then buying another and another, etc…

but to do this, you’ve got to be prepared mentally to tough it out. to MAKE IT HAPPEN, NO MATTER WHAT.

if you’re mind is not there, you stand a very good chance of falling FLAT ON YOUR FACE.

now is this to discourage people - NO.

it’s to motivate them to understand how tenacious they have to be in their approach.

i think there are some very ligitimate guru’s out there that can really provide THE RIGHT PEOPLE with a quality education in rei. the problem is, the marketing of these guru materials makes it seem that any old schlub can do it. that’s not the case…and the kicker is, IT’S GOT ALMOST NOTHING TO DO WITH INTELLIGENCE.

go figure…

pick your guru wisely. lots of frauds out there. i like ron legrand. yes he’s an aggressive marketer but he’s in business to make money, right? but the bigger point is his system works. i’ve bought several houses using the methods he teaches.

Guru’s that have revolutionized my business:

Ron Legrand

His students:

Kathy Kennebrook ( I use all her direct mailing stuff)
Kris Kirschner (I model his systemizing approach)
Dan Doran (I use his negotiation tactics by verbatim)
Jason Louck (I use his method of staging / selling homes)

A lot of Gurus out there are very good. I did a lot of research before buying anything. I stick to the Ron Legrand camp because it works.

nice to see someone agrees with me.

kris kirschner does teach an autopilot system for selling houses that i’ve used successfully…

and the name dan doran reminded me of richard roop who if not a ron legrand student has spoken at some of his boot camps. he calls himself the marketing specialist for real estate investors and he is good. i’ve bought houses with his postcards and his course is good too although i can’t remember what it’s called.

Richard Roop was one of Ron’s students years ago and they are good friends.

Dan Doran is like the negotiating monster and partners with Richard Roop to do teaching expoes and conference calls.