Guru's - who writes their material?????

Just an observation. There are sooooooo many guru’s out there. If you listen to them read their material or they speak on a teleconference to “hawk” their books and tapes, they tend to not be very good speakers. If you can’t speak well, I doubt you can put together 5-10 hours of audio material on your own.

One sits in a hotel conference room and some of these gurus are not believable. I’m wondering if there is some organization who writes this stuff, takes a hefty fee, and the guru gets the rest.

Anyone have any thoughts?

These are not one-man operations, they are organizations. As such they have staff; sales, marketing etc. whom do most of the work. Unfortunately they don’t have true finance types to review their magic formulas. imo

I don’t know who writes their material, but whoever it is should be fired! Most are certainly long on hype and short on facts. However, I think they are giving a lot of people what they are looking for - promises of instant riches without work!


I think for every 1 good guru, there are about 6-7 bad ones.

Fired? They should get bonuses! They are making their bosses millions! Of course its all :bs but that’s neither here nor there.

just remember that no matter what their new tricks are, the basics of real estate deals have never changed one can only get good from experience. There are so many people interested in real estate investing that it is very appealing to make a business teaching it.