Gurus 'n more !

Has anyone ever heard of “” ? He can give you a whole EAR FULL on Carlton Sheets ,Marshall Reddick etc… & many many more ! ! ! Has anyone ever heard of: Landwin L.L.C. or Darin Garman CCIM ? Thanks,dws

John Reed rates the other ‘gurus’…he hates them all – ALWAYS (well, except John T. Reed – he gives him high marks)…

Read around in here…we have a lot of folks that are well-read on the ‘gurus’ and they can give you an earfull, also.

Dan732 calss them all “gasbags”!

Info on Landwin can be found at:

Info on Darin Garman can be found at:


I found this a helpful site to. There are links to other Guru/Gas Bags/ Programs to avoid! javascript:replaceText(’ ;)')

Keith, Thanks for your answers etc. . john T. Reed likes & even endorses some gurus etc. read his website ! I have the sites you gave. Have you are anyone else you know ever invested any money w/ Landwin L.L.C. or Darin Garman ? Thanks,dws

That is not 100% true about John T. Reed there is someone else he highly recommends


Other then that I enjoy his site he does give reason on why he does not like most of them and some of his reasons are not far off!

Ask to see property addresses from any guru and see how many deals they have done either under there own name or others! Research them fully if the course is going to cost you more then say $100.00

Also keep in mind everybody brings there thought’s to the table I look at it like this if you only learn one thing for one person that helps you close one deal and you make even 5k it was well worth your $ $!

John T. Reed hates everybody. He thinks he know more then a lot of the other so called gurus out there. Last I heard he hasn’t done any deals in 20 years. All this time he only has 12 propeties. I do not understand why he likes to put everyone else program down when he himself is trying to sell you his own program. Why would I want to buy from a person like this? It makes no sense. I thought we were all a fraternity and trying to help each other out. We don’t compete against eachother. We help each other out.

If Mr. Reed visits this site I want his own opinion on this subject. Why does he love putting every guru down and what is his game? Ithink he’s hiding something. Are you chicken Mr. Reed to not respnd to this post? I dare you to respond if you have the guts which I doubt you do.