Guru Seminars

Okay, at my local REIA club, they brought in an expert on flipping houses. Robyn Thompson. “Queen of the Flip”. Anyway, she was a good speaker. Got people excited. Good crowd participation. On the drive home I was trying to summarize what she said, and there was some good points, but in the 90 minutes she spoke the breakdown of what she talked about was as follows.

10 minutes was on the story of where she started and how she got in the business.
20 minutes was spent on how she had discussions with her advisor on what book or class she should teach and how to go about it.
20 minutes were telling stories of large properties she had bought, the car she has, the fact she has an advisor who has a lot of money, and the fact she flipped 260 house
10 minutes on how to actually do something
30 minutes giving away free CD’s and pimping her training materials and her Saturday class.

While I was there, I was energized by the crowd, and I even won a CD regarding how to make a Tax Free Income. (GREAT!)

Well,it wasn’t until I started listening to the CD last night, that I realized how empty her talk was at the meeting. Because I started listening to this CD of a guy who is an IRA expert. The CD is about an hour or so long, and I’m about half way through it, and it’s the same thing.

The guy is supposed to be sharing how to do the IRA and use it for investment, and all it is is stories about how much money he made people whom we’ll never meet. At best, he gives a high level breeze of “We wrote it up one third in the name of an IRA, and 2/3rds in the investor name” and that’s it.

It makes me think that all of these speakers are vague and simply tell a lot of stories, so I’m glad I haven’t gone to any bootcamps, Airport Hotel Speeches, etc.

It’s odd because they all talk about the millions they made, and they talk about their advisors who are the King of the industry. Then I do a Google search on their name and net worth, and their is zero to be found. Check out the Forbes list… nope, not on it.

I’m sticking to books and message boards for education, and soon real life experience. I don’t need to pay large sums of money to have warm air blown up my shorts.

this great site and books are really good. seminars and stuff that you buy from the guru (personally I think they’re good) boosts up your learning esperience.every different book or what ever you buy I’ve found to have some info that the others don’t.


Yes I know what you are saying, it the past I bought all the big name guys stuff myself.

You have to find someone that will work for what you want to do and that has good support. I did quite a bit of research before I did.

As far as, This is a great group but nothing takes the place of action.

Even if you say break even on your first deal at least you are getting the experience!

Here is a site I found over a year and a half ago that reviews a LOT of “Guru” Programs from folks who have purchased them.

To be honest some of it is Good and some of it is Bad.

I Guess you have to read close to see if the person actually took action or not.

Anyway, good luck to you and keep us update on your success.