Guerrilla Marketing

I was sitting at the dentists office the other day waiting to be seen and I was looking at a magazine. So I noticed all the magazines laying around. So of course I had to put my business card in every magazine. So then I thought why not put my post cards into various free publications while they sit on the stands? Niftly Nickel, For Rent, Weekly Mags., Whatever. Is that wrong?.. or illegal? I just started doing this so no response yet, just thought Id see what you think. J

nothing illegal there…however, if you placed an ad in there you would get better results. Bigger population saturation

I would be careful putting them into the free magazines, in some cases they actually sell insert spots. I am sure it is not illegal but you might get “blacklisted” from the newspaper. Might hurt you down the road if you want to put an ad in it.

This sounds illegal to me. 100% of their income comes from advertising, if I were them I would sue you.

I was at the WalMart gas station the other day and they had a plexiglass holder for credit card applications and business cards. Someone had puy their cards in several of them.

Doesn’t sound legal to be placing the postcards in the news stand freebie papers, at the Dentist office no problem, those belong to the dentist.

Why not go around your area, and post your post cards on community boards, or ask businesses that you frequent if you could leave a stack of cards with them.

Ask your insurance agent, mechanic, barber, stylist, CPA if they’ll hand out your cards, and get some of their cards as well, to return the favor, of course!

Be careful who you upset, it can cost you BIG!

Good Luck!

Putting cards in a medium that sells advertising space is going to get some attention by the wrong folks I would place a small ad if you look at the time you are spending couldn’t your time be better spent else where?

Ya, I run ads already, its just something I tried. Im over it:)