"guaranteed clear title" Good enough?

I am looking at a home for sale. In the ad it says" Guaranteed free and clear title, no leins, no back taxes…" Is this guarantee only as good as the man giving it or is he going to provide me with some documentation…
Do I still need to do a title search?

Get your own title search and title insurance.

Do I still need to do a title search?

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Two Questions…
What information do I need to do a title search on a property (owners name, address of property, etc. etc. )

And I thought that during closing a title company does the title search for you and you didnt have to worry about doing it beforehand? Isnt that what title insurance is for, or not?

Correct. The title company/attorney that provides the title insurance will do the title search. We are just advising you to make sure you get your own policy to protect yourself.

You can do a title search without title insurance, but I’ve only seen that with intra-family transactions where the ownership is well known for at least 50 years. In this case, they are looking for paid off mortgages that weren’t recorded.

Will you be mortgaging the property? If yes, your lender will require the insurance. If you end up writing an offer, put in the contract that the seller is to provide an owners policy and conveyance is to be by general warranty deed.

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use a reputable title company. get a current survey and title company should require it.

depending on the state, there is NO such thing as an absolute guaranteed title. that’s why title insurance exists and is such a big business.

what is a decent price for a title search?