Group homes are Profitable

I know a couple of guys and a lady that operates group homes. They are constantly rehabbing and remodeling these houses to make them even more profitable. They convert the attics and patios and garages into rooms and pack 2 clients per room, these are nice houses with big landscaped yards and pools. .
The clients all have some minor to mid levels of mental disabilities.
My brother is the licensed contractor that does all the work for them
These group home owners seem to be very well off and have nice houses and cars, and they keep buying more group houses.
One of the owners is a also a buddy and he goes on and on about how stressful it is, he dont complain about the income though or all the cars and toys he buys and trips he takes.
Anyway I just recived a call from a guy that has a 9 bedroom 4 bath house with a 1 bedroom apartment out back, and he has another house next door that is a 6 bedroom with pool. He seems motivated to sell.
Im going to get these houses on contract and guess who I’m going to market them to?
Let’s make some money, Rando