Greetings to all!

 I would first like to thank the admin. of this site.  This is the first and best site on Real Estate Investing that I have found, that is not a INFOMERCIAL!  Don't get me wrong some of the guys selling the stuff might be legit. However, it's good to speak to actual investors with true and helpful knowledge. 

 First, I would like to introduce myself, I go by Tone as you can tell.  I am currently a single father of 3 and live in Austin, Texas.  I have look for a site that would provide me with some basic information on REI and have found a Gem among the rubble, that is providing me with more then could ever have been dreamed of.  

Ok know to get to the questions.  Being a single father with no higher education, would it be possible to become a REI.  The current job I am working can't even afford to pay the bills.  I don't want to sound like I am whining.  I am willing to do anything and everything possible to make this happen.  Me and my kids deserve better in life and this seems like the best thing to do.

 If anyone can please tell me how I may locate a REI Club or Mentor in the Austin, Texas area I would be forever thankful.  Currently, I have been reading books like a madman tring to absorb as much information as possible.  But some of the things in these books seem totally impossible for me to do.  

 However, if you do have any information that can help, please post it on here.  I am at your disposal.  


Here’s your REI clubs in Texas. I did a quick scan and saw at least three directly in Austin. I’m sure that if you look around locally, that you’ll find even more.

Good Luck


Thanks Ted, for the catch.