Greenville, SC, Rental market

Anyone have any idea what the rental market is like in the Greenville, SC area? I was looking solely at flipping but wondered if there is a healthy enough rental market to get into that.

My husband and I live in Greenvile and currently have 14 properties. We have found the rental market to be very strong for homes that rent for $800 or less. 4 of our rentals are in Greenville with 0 vacancies at the time. The others are in Greer SC (8 miles from Grv)with only one vacancy because we are doing repairs.
Finding dependable, reasonable handymen is a challenge but with several new major corporations coming to the area, we don’t anticipate any problems.
If you’re not familiar with Greenville, you may want to check out the Chamber of Commerce and the Greenville County Websites. If you already live here, you know the attraction! :wink: