Great RE data web sites

I have been Google searching to find RE data such as RE growth rate for Bozeman & Missoula, MT. I can’t seem to find anything current & thorough. I know there are several sites which I need to add to my favorites. Please point me to them. I am sure others could use the help too. Thanks!


What, more specifically, are you looking for? If you can be a bit more specific than “RE Data” I would be more than happy to pass you some sites.


As a surrogate for ‘RE growth’ you could try the US Census Bureau web site for details such as income growth, household growth etc. There is lots of demographic data available out there.

Thanks Chris. I need information like how much a house previously sold for and how much the market is growing in a particular area.

the courthouse or their web site in the county the property is
located in , will have what it sold for last time it sold. :beer

These are good resource sites: