great property

have great opportunity need some help :help

Spill the beans buddy…

You give us absolutely no infomation, how are we supposed to help you? Give us some details…

Definitely a good deal. BUY IT.

:rolleyes :biggrin

I don’t know stevie… they may be asking a little too much!!! :biggrin

He better buy it now, or else I am all over it.

Anyone want to partner with me on this deal? :bs


here’s the deal
3b/2ba in gated community with pool
asking price-270,000
repairs est. - 5000
earnest money-2500

so what do you think of the deal

Numbers sound good - assuming the FMV and repair estimates are solid. The earnest money is high for what I’d want to do.

It depends on your local market of course, but (again, assuming your FMV is accurate)
at a 65% deal (65% of ARV-repairs) would be $268k so I would think you coupld sell it all day long for something like that. A 70% ARV deal would be $280k and that might be tough in this market - but again it depends on your local buyers.

Do you have any specific buyers in mind for this property? Or have you not developed a buyer’s list yet?

What do you plan for holding costs? How do you plan to move the property? Realtor, FSBO, Lease Option to a TB???