great opportunity

I have done 12 houses this past year I have rehabbed the last 10. I have 7 with my bank 5 with permanent financing.
I sold 2 and I close both next week so it reduces my loan by 100k to my bank.
Well I found another house its a great buy.
I asked for the loan plus the remodeling expense.
house is 160,900.00
remodele is 35,000.00
He has financed the last 3 homes 100% know he is making me put up the 35k to remodel.
It sucks.
I have proved my self with him over 16 years.
My credit score is 698
I have people paying me for every loan and I have great cashflow on every purchase.
Tell me what you would do?
I need answers.


d4properties where are you located?

If he is a broker, he probably has this 100% deal with one or two banks and he just doesn’t have any more funds in that program that he can lend to you with. Banks have so much money allocated for different types of loans in order to manage their risk. If their loan portfolio for your type of loan is too large, they can’t loan anymore of them. You may ask him if he knows of any other brokers that have similar programs and then I would try them out.

he is the owner of the bank which is a small town in New Mexico.\

Thanks for your advice.


If this is a spec home (home for sale) there are lenders who will lend based on the appraised value (generally 65-70%). How much will the home be worth after the repairs?