Great Deals or Not?

Why do so many of these Low Priced Bank Owned Homes sit Empty for Months?
As a Modesto Ca. Contractor Doing Repairs on a Few, I,ve Noticed the Repair
Cost is usually a Small Percentage of the Discount, & a Short Term Profit Seems
like a Sure Thing. Are Banks or Investors Possibly Overcalculating Repair Cost
on Some, Thinking No Room for Profit?

  1. The REO realtors usually get in the way of the deal. They want too much down and don’t want to negotiate.
  2. The majority if the buyers out there don’t want or can’t buy houses that need repairs, even if modest.
  3. Too much inventory available. Pro investors can be very selective in what they get into
  4. Very much harder than usual to get financing for a home loan for the average person now.