Great comp site

I was replying to a earlier post and thought everybody could use this site. I work with many investors around the country and many of them love this site. It shows what houses sold for, property details, satellite image, and comparable prices of the surrounding houses, and its pretty up to date. You can even check out appreciation in the area, and on individual houses, and it’s free.


I recently found out about it too. I think it has already been posted on the forum though. The consensus seems to be that the estimates are a little high though…

Estimates are not accurate in most cases where I’m at. I posted this in the other forum that they were off by 300k on my own home.

I also said there is no substitute for an MLS system. If you don’t have access to that PRD is the next best option.


I have found to be totally inaccurate and so have the investors in my group (and there are many). It’s a nice gimmick, but in some cases it’s 25% off. On a $400K house, that’s $100,000! You need more accuracy than that. You’re much better off with:


Good luck.

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