Great Closing Gift Idea for New Home Owners!

Hey Folks,

I have recently been using a Glossy Post Card for a Closing Gift and it has had a Great Response! Take a Picture of the Front of their Home and have Our New Home on Top with their address on the Bottom! On the back have their new return address and your company name on the bottom! You can compose this in Publisher and send it to Kinkos over the net they will print cut and they look great! 30 for around $15! Tie a ribbon around them and deliver in a nice envelope! They love it!

Why not use a traditional gift basket. I use … They are located in south florida and seem to do wonders for me as well.

San Diego that’s a great idea, I’ve never heard of that one! And the expense is not too great, but it is a very nice touch for the new home owner to show off their new house to their family and friends via the post card.

Good Luck!


nothing new but I have used a simple thank you card with a gift certificate to Home Depot/Lowes. They also love that because whether they just refinanced or bought a new house they could use the extra cash to spruce it up. I’m a mortgage broker but once every 2 months I send a clever letter with a scratch ticket taped to the letter and that always brings back repeat business.

Hey all,

When we bought our house here in San Antonio, the welcome basket that our Realtor gave us included a number of specially negotiated discounts with local services such as, carpet cleaning, HVAC service, gardening, etc…

I thought this was great because it introduced us to some of the local businesses, and I thought it was great for the Realtor because those companies that she negotiated with turned into a good referral source of business for her. Just becuase she asked for some coupons.

Pretty Slick!

We send a Home Depot or Lowes $20 card to our clients after closing. We felt that every homeowner needs something for around the house.

I saw that someone else used lowes cards …maybe we should get a kick back from them :smiley: