Granite countertops in the kitchen. But in the bathroom too?

Guys, say I have a nicer middle-class 3/2 rehab. The cabinets in the bathrooms match the ones in the kitchen — they are all in excellent condition. However the ugly formica counter in the kitchen has to go, and I want to replace it with granite. This place is nice…crown molding, and such, but it is definitely not an upper class house. Just a nice middle-class house. Anyway there are near-perfect condition cultured marble sinks/counters in the bathrooms.

Would you put granite in the kitchen…and leave the cultured marble sinks & counters in the bathrooms if they are in said excellent/near perfect condition?

Or would you spend the extra funds and put matching granite in the kitchen & bathrooms?


Not knowing what the place looks like, three years ago I would have said, “Forget it, the home will sell anyway, no matter what. Pocket the cash.”

Now, I look for any competitive advantage I can find. I suspect you feel the same or you wouldn’t be upgrading the kitchen to granite. It’s easy for me to spend your money, but unless your margins are thin, in which case you probably shouldn’t be doing this in the first place, I’d go with granite. You’re already placing a substantial order with an installer. The additional cost for a bathroom should be nominal.

Everyone expects granite in a high end home. I find you get a big bang for your buck when you do it in mid-range home because it’s unexpected.

I put granite vanity tops in my last flip to help produce the “WOW” factor. I want any homes I’m selling to be OBVIOUSLY better than the competition at slightly lower prices.

I got the 5 foot granite vanity top with ivory sink already installed from Home Depot for (IIRC) $250. Smaller sizes were available for less $$.


I like the idea of putting granite in the bathroom. Granite has come down a lot in price and sets your home apart from the ones that don’t have them. It also gives a nice “flow” to the house with matching items throughout the home. If this is a rental, forget everything I just said! :rolleyes

Has anyone had granitcrete done? I’m getting it done on my latest rehab in the kitchen. Guy said it looks/acts/feels like granite but for 1/3 of the price and you can get any color and there are no seams because it’s all the same pour.

keep in mind you don’t want to overbuild. putting granite countertops in a tiny bathroom won’t make much of a difference.