Gov Grants

Does anyone know if you can get government grants to start inventing in real estate? I heard this, but have not been able to find anything!!! If anyone have PLEASE let me know.

Thank you in advance…

I’ve heard of this one time. But the guy who told me about it was completely unreliable, so I ignored it. Does anyone have actual experience with this? Or at least the name of a program so we could google it?

some towns have grants to build homes for the handcap hope that helps

Gosh. Using someone elses $ to make $. What an awesome concept. That crazy guy with the infomercail trying to sell his book on every gov’t loan and grant would know.

well grants like that the money comes out of your pocket first it not a free ride like it sounds

I found the Lasko book at Half Price books and didn’t buy it because it told me what I already knew. Yes, there are government grants to provide incentives for business (just as the tax code is designed to do so in certain areas). These change when Congress changes them so you have to have the latest information. Check to see if there is an SBA office nearby. Their staff get paid by the government to do the research for you. You’ll need a business plan, which they can help you with, in order to qualify for much of what the federal and other levels of government have to offers.