Got the short sale!

Hello there gang,

  Here si the the approval for the property we trying to sell it. With limited financial resources, havent been able to run an ad in the paper. Did send it to a major list of local investors.....and have lowered the price again to bites yet.  We got the house for 115,000.00, it is a FHA laon, and we are asking retail...130,000.  It is five yers old, only needs carpet and paint , (1600 sq ft, house appraied for 142,000.00)  and a shutter put back that is missing.  My question is NOW WHAT? have an extension till the 25th of june.....need some no cost ideas about marketing this house....HELP.....any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.....oh my goodness....the negotiators in short sales have been difficult to deal with.....anyway let me know what you think!   Thanks so much

Selling the home with limited resources is critical to flipping houses and also short sales.

There are many FREE resources online which work quite well.

Have your used and sites like that? You must input your ad daily. (I use a word document and copy and paste it daily).

I am not sure where you are located. Check out this site - it will work for anyplace -

Here are some other free sites.

I will give out flyers to the neighbors, asking them to “pick their neighbor”.

See if there is a local school(s) in the area:
ask if you can advertise in the local school paper or
donate $100 worth of school supplies of anyone buys the house from you who found out about the house from someone at school.

I have lots more ideas, let me know if this does not work.

Best of luck to you.

Sandi Shear

Ms. Shear,

Great resources. It’s a smart idea to list the properties in as many places where people will see it as possible. Most people these days are doing a large part of their house shopping online.

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I would make some signs up around town. Even if you have to use old cardboard boxes to make them. Some thing like
Distressed Sale or Handyman Special !
Comps 130K Asking 119,500

Are you able to pay for a flat rate MLS fee? Good Luck

Hi there folks,

Thanks for the great ideas......yes we have the house listed on Craigs list... and my brotherinlaws website.   I just today sent it out to several local we buy houses, and we have made some flyers and have them out as well.   I am everyday looking at ways to market ......we had a company negotiating this deal  and got the aprroval. Our time on the deal was thirty days.....I had notified a rep about getting an extension and thought it was done!  The day before the time was up, I get an email from them saying they couldnt do the extension until we paid the exit fee, which was suppose to be paid at the closing table on this house that we hadnt sold!   I was so upset so I was  advised to go ahead and call, the lender myself and get the extension. well I was able to get 30 more days.  However that will be up the  25th of this month. Now this is an FHJA loan and I KNOW the guidelines and I know we could get up to 90 days or 120 IF necessary......however we have a difficult mitigator .......I know we can sell this house!  
   SO I am looking into using another company once we have completed the deals we have with this other company.  I am just really disgusted right now.....with all of the game playing......anybody hear what I am saying????Thanks again and what is a  flat rate MLS fee?  Thanks so much......this forum is guys are great!