Got the Flu! How about you?

Got hit with major flu for about a week now. Fever, chills, shortness of breath, nausea, cough. Bad stuff, easily my worst in years and years.

Finally went to the doc who tested me for flu A&B, both negative. She said that there are no nationwide kits issued yet to test for Swine flu. I wonder how they can count the number of cases if localities don’t have the means to test for the H1N1 virus?

If anyone knows how to set up a poll, maybe we could do some tracking.
Hope you all don’t get what I just had.
Weak-as-a-puppy Furnishedowner

My wife and I had it two weeks apart about a month and a half ago, some different symptoms… mine was more chest/cough, her’s was fever/chills…

Hope you feel better…

As many swine as I deal with, I’ve probably built up an immunity!