Got Funding...?

Maybe someone can answer this for me:
I know enough people with too much money. (Somehow, these people fall onto my lap.) They all have made a lot of money, one way or another, just not in real estate. Some are breaking into real estate with their little investment homes or they haven’t even touched real estate, at all. Being that I am in real estate, I’ve been telling them what they COULD BE doing with their hard earned money. Bottom line is, how do I go about finding planned developements, planned communities, etc… for these guys to invest in? They’ve seen it happen they want to know how they can do it. These guys trust me and would prefer to work with me if I can find out how it’s done.

I’ve already semi- delt with commercial real estate, as far as land sales goes. But they don’t, so much, want land. They want to see what is being put there and how THEY can make it happen. ~Guys and their egos~ (No offense, fellas!)
Example: a guy, I know, found someone who wants to build a highrise condo/community in Destin FLA. He just needed someone to fund it. In which, the person, I know, so happened to know someone to fund such a project. Is there an easier way to find these architectual ideas, without falling ass-backwards into them? And do I need a RE license in order to make money off connecting these people to each other. Or can I call myself a consultant :wink: ?
Any advice or know a book I should read?
~So Confussed, Shelly~

Shelly, those types of deveopments are out there. Sometimes it is just being in the right place at the right time. My expereince just happend to be in a church choir loft when i broke into a investment group. I have my RE license (which i think is a good idea for anyone) as it not only allowed me to have a better understanding of how the market works, but i retain a portion at re-sale. I originally started LLC’s to go in with other investors and as a managing partner with my RE was able to retain a marginal position. I have done this several times, the key is not to get greedy. When you work with fine folks and everone is making money, everyne is happy. I dont make a red cent up front but at resale i can help the investment group and myself by obtaiing a portion of it. There are alot of developments going on in teh Tampa area, i am in Fort Myers and do a majority of my investing all in SWFLA…St. Pete is going to be in my opinion a huge boom for tear down and re-development, so land postion is a great commodity. Not real rocket science but anything on water, make it happen! Best of luck :)…


You might want to talk to the members of the Planning and Zoning Commission in the areas that you want to invest. All developments have to go through them, so they know who the players are. They should be able to give you some names of active developers in the area.