Got a seller Got a buyer Now what?

Hi guy’s
Iv got a motivated seller and an excited buyer. The home is bran new and vacant for one year, the seller will lease option knowing i will sub lease to my t/b and he’s an out of towner. Extremely flexable.
Buyer has great job and work history. But bad credit. I have set her up with a good credit repair guy, and she has 3%down. No lates on her rent now for 18 mo straight.

I want to make the deal happen and have it be as clean as possible.
What is the best way for me to cover myself ? How do i structure it so its legite, clean and everybody wins?

Will be showing the home to t/b tomorrow.

Give me the numbers?

Appologize for the delay,in getting back here.
On this deal the seller backed out. So now im working with the seller on a non exclusive lease option. The listing expires in one month.

He’s asking $300,000 for a never lived in home,
Probably a little high for the area, aprox 10% to high but he’s flexable.
My thought’s are to get the option for about true value for terms.
It hasnt sold because of the lending crisis. My guess.
Any and all thought’s are appreciated.

I mean the buyer backed out.

You’re wasting your time. He’s Flexible by being 10% overpriced??? Dude, you’re 40% in the wrong direction, RUN!!!